T H E  P U P P E R  C L U B™


Offering a full range of treatments from bathing to full service grooming and styling, specialty treatments and consultation. Once you've chosen a salon treatment for your Pupper, we will work with you on a specialty plan to keep your precious one clean, styled, happy and healthy!

Schedule a quickie pop-in spruce up, a full custom styling or make a day of it for your pup, with a stay at The Pupper Club™, a city stroll

or just some chill time in the Loft Den.

*Note - a $25 Late Cancellation (within 24 hours of appointment) or

No Show Fee Will Apply. 

*Price quote generated in the Customer Portal when you Book Your Service, automatically defaults to the smallest Pupper size category - 

Your pup's service price will be based on weight and coat length.

Please click on Menu + Pricing to determine more approximate estimate. 

*No Size Limitations

Bath & Styling Hours

Mon-Sun, 10am-6pm

A note about grooming pick-up:

Our kennel space for grooming puppers is limited, so pups must be picked up after they are finished with their bath or groom as soon as possible.

Pups who are not picked up after 1hr will be charged a $10 late pick up fee, and dogs that are left for longer than 3hrs will be charged a half day Club rate of $30.

We appreciate your prompt pickup to make room for other pups that need their spa day!


(No Haircut or Clipping Included)

Just a shampoo and blowout for the easy, breezy, so fresh and so clean look. Includes bath, blow dry, and brush out.

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(No Haircut or Clipping Included)

A girl's gotta have it! (And who are we kidding? So do boys...)

For the Puppers who need their hair AND their nails did. Included the basic bath plus a nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear hair pulling if necessary for the breed.

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For the Pupper who needs it all -

custom styles and cuts based on breed and personal preference.

All grooming and styling services include the Basic Bath Plus Package.


Just trim the bangs...ok maybe a little more.

Face, feet and fanny trim.

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Make me over baby! Custom full body clip, trim and style.

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Regular Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat-Sun 8am-6pm

603 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles CA 90014